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Free Money For Students  in Canada

Navigating the financial demands of student life can be a challenging task, especially for students from low-income families. Hence, free money for students.

As the cost of tuition, textbooks, and living expenses continues to rise, the financial burden can hinder one’s academic pursuits. 

However, there are ways you can earn free money without sacrificing your studies and accumulating debt.

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student that’s attending a college or university, this article explores various free money for students in Canada.  

Let’s get started!

1. Government Grants

One popular avenue for students to acquire free money in Canada is through government grants. 

Grants are non-refundable financial aids provided by governments and private entities to support students in their pursuit of higher education.

In Canada, post-secondary students are offered grants and interest-free loans through the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program (CSFA Program) which is often known as Canada GSL deposit.

The amount of grant you get depends on your study mode, health status, and number of dependents. 

For example, you will get the following grant if you’re a:

  • Full-time student = $6,000 or $3,200 if you have dependent
  • Part-time student = $6,000 or $3,200 if you have dependents
  • Student with disability = $4,000 or $20,000 if you qualify for services and equipment

Besides the above grants, you may also qualify for other grants under the GSL program depending on your situation and province/territory of residence

Learn more about Canada GSL deposit here.

2. Scholarships

Scholarships are financial awards given to students based on various criteria, such as:

  • Academic merit
  • Extracurricular achievements
  • Community involvement, or 
  • Specific demographic backgrounds

These awards can significantly offset the cost of tuition fees and other educational expenses, allowing students to pursue their studies without the added burden of financial strain.

Scholarships in Canada are available at various levels of education, including high school, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

They can be offered by universities, colleges, private organizations, government bodies, or even individual donors.

Some of the popular post-secondary and graduate  scholarships in Canada are highlighted below:

  • Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • Dick Martin Scholarship Award
  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Awards 
  • International Development Research Centre
  • International Scholarships Program
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool
  • Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada
  • H.L. Holmes Award for Post-Doctoral Studies
  • Royal Military College Scholarships and Awards

Click here to learn about the details, eligibility, and application process for each of the above scholarships.

Another notable scholarship is the one offered by Savvy New Canadians, one of the best personal finance blogs in Canada. They offer a $1,000 one-time scholarship for two students in Winter and Fall terms. 

3. Sign-Up Bonuses

Another way you can make free money in Canada as a student is by taking advantage of sign-up bonuses.

Many companies offer sign-up bonuses as a way to attract new customers. By leveraging these incentives, you can earn extra money without any initial investment.

Sign-up bonuses typically involve creating an account or registering for a service with a given company. 

The following are some of the examples of sign-up bonuses you can claim today:

Bear in mind that some bonuses may require meeting specific criteria, such as making a minimum deposit or completing a certain number of transactions.

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4. Simple Online Tasks

In today’s digital age, there are numerous platforms and websites that offer opportunities for students to earn extra income through various online activities.

These online tasks typically involve completing simple tasks such as surveys, online games, and web searches or market research. 

Companies and organizations often require consumer feedback or data for their products or services, and they are willing to compensate individuals who can provide valuable insights. 

As a student, you can take advantage of these opportunities by signing up on legitimate websites that connect them with such tasks.

For estate, you can make money by taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web, and playing online games on Swagbucks.

You can also earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card every week when you install the Mobilexpression app.

By dedicating some time each day to these simple online tasks, you can accumulate earnings over time. 

While the individual payment for each task may be modest, the cumulative effect of consistent participation can result in a noticeable boost to your finances.

Moreover, the flexibility of online tasks allows you to work around your class schedules and other commitments. 

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5. Referrals

Referrals can be an effective way for you to make free money in Canada as a student.

This involves recommending products, services, or platforms to others and earning a commission or reward when those individuals make a purchase or sign up through your referral link or code.

Many companies and online platforms offer referral programs as a means to acquire new customers. 

As a student, you can take advantage of these programs by referring friends, classmates, or even family members to various products or services that you genuinely find valuable or beneficial.

Common referral programs include those offered by online retailers, ride-sharing services, food delivery apps, and financial institutions including banks. 

To maximize your earnings through referrals, it’s important to promote products or services to individuals who may have a genuine interest or need. 

Utilize your social networks, both online and offline, to spread the word and encourage others to take advantage of the offerings. 

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6. Birthday Freebies

Celebrating your birthday in Canada can be more than just receiving well wishes and gifts from loved ones. 

It can also be an opportunity to score some freebies from various businesses and establishments. 

Many companies, including restaurants, cafes, retail stores, and entertainment venues, offer special birthday promotions and freebies to their customers.

As a student in Canada, taking advantage of these birthday freebies can be an excellent way to save money and enjoy some treats on your special day.

These offers can range from complimentary meals and desserts to discounted or free products and services which you can convert or exchange to cash.

Below are examples of birthday freebies you can access: 

Visit this page for a comprehensive list of birthday freebies in Canada.

By taking advantage of these birthday freebies, you can indulge in some extra goodies without denting your wallet. 

The freebies may be less in value but an enjoyable way to make the most of your special day while stretching your student budget further.

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7. Free Samples 

One lesser-known yet accessible way for students in Canada to acquire free money is by taking advantage of free samples. 

Companies often distribute samples of their products as a means of marketing and generating consumer interest.

These samples can range from food and beverages to personal care items, household products, and more.

For example, BzzAgent offers free samples for reviewing products right from your home. These products range from:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • DIY
  • Home
  • Gardening 
  • Parenting
  • Outdoors
  • Cooking
  • Wine
  • Drink
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition 

As a student, free samples can serve as a valuable resource in multiple ways. Firstly, they provide an opportunity to save money on everyday necessities. 

By obtaining free samples of products, you can reduce your expenses and allocate your limited funds to other essential needs.

Additionally, free samples can be leveraged for financial gain. Some students choose to sell unopened samples, turning the free samples into a supplementary source of income.

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8. Contests

Finally, you can make free money as a student in Canada by participating in contests.

Contests offer a unique opportunity for you to showcase your skills, talents, and creativity while also having a chance to win cash prizes or other valuable rewards.

In Canada, there is a wide range of contests available to students across various fields and disciplines. 

For instance, AWCS Youth Program and Youth of Canada offer different categories of contests, ranging from: 

  • Poetry Writing 
  • Creative/Essay Writing 
  • Math
  • Science 
  • Business
  • Chess
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts
  • Creative/Essay Writing 
  • Computing/Hackathons

Organizations, businesses, and educational institutions frequently organize these contests as a means to promote talent, foster innovation, and support students in their academic pursuits.

Participating in contests not only provides a chance to win monetary rewards but also offers a platform for you to gain recognition and build your skills. 

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