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6 Free Money Hacks to Start Using Today

There is an abundance of free money out there in the streets and hanging around. Money making is not as complex as the money gurus portrayed; you overlook the accessible routes for a hard work approach.

If it took hard work to become wealthy, then the cattle rearers in the Sahara desert or the rice planters in India should be on the wealth chart.

This post is meant to highlight a few ‘low-hanging fruit’ in the money orchard of the society we live in. Here is a few free money hacks you can start using to access free money even today.


Most governments incentivize contributions to your Retirement savings plan. It is a wise step from the government because it costs healthcare more to become a burden after retirement.

When you contribute to this, it reduces your taxable income and, depending on your tax bracket, and you’d be saving yourself thousands in taxes or possibly getting a lump sum refund.

You may read detail on 401K, Retirements Savings Plans, and Self-Invested Personal Pension for United States, Canadian, and UK readers, respectively.

Employee matching contribution

It is not uncommon to find employers incentivizing a group plan to match your contribution via payroll deduction by 50% or 100%. You are earning free money for being in employment.

Usually, there is a catch of remaining in employment for a period (18 – 24 months) to access the funds. You should check with the HR department at your place of work.

Promotional credit for new bank customers

Banks are known to offer as much as $300 to new customers. Before you go with excitement to open this, be sure to read the fine prints in the terms and conditions.

Generally, some banks want you to maintain the highest account level, costing maybe $20 monthly for three months.

Do the math, and you get free money before downgrading to the minimal fees. It has been a worthwhile adventure for readers of this blog.

Get your assets rented

You work from home, and your car is parked in your garage until you have to pick up kids from daycare or do groceries (once in two weeks), then you are losing free money.

Get someone to drive it around the day as Uber Eat, Skip the dishes, or something similar and flexible. Your insurance and car loan are a fixed cost, and you might as well recoup some costs.

You might also consider renting out your house on Airbnb or similar reputable platforms when on vacation. Your rent/mortgage is fixed so you might as well make money while on vacation.


Use coupons to shop. Coupons or discounted items are a sweet way to shop. The rich do. They surely do. Working towards financial freedom means you do not splurge on high ticket items to keep up with the Joneses.

The status game can never be won so use coupons and move on. It doesn’t make you less rich if you do. You will probably look cheap to your peers, but you are saving yourself a ton of money, which is free.

Check out for seasonal promotions

Do you want to get a new winter jacket? Wait to post-winter season clearance and make your purchase against next season.

Do you want to reward yourself for a year of hard work with a game console? Wait until Black Friday! Timing the retail market is vital here, but ensure you do not get trapped in targeted marketing to buy things you do not need.

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